Ever woke up feeling demotivated, stuck, and unsure how to get the myriad of things happening around you in order? Yes, I was there too! Let’s get past that, right here, right now!

Answer these three questions and challenge yourself to move beyond the limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.

What is your intention for the day?

Setting a daily intention in the morning is a powerful technique to start your day on a positive note. This isn’t tricky. Pick a word that matches the vibe you want to carry. Form an affirming sentence with that word and say it out loud to yourself. …

Webhooks are automated event notification messages that can be sent from one server to another in the form of HTTP requests. In real life, we can compare Webhooks to alarm clocks. For example, let’s assume that before you go to bed, you set an alarm in your clock for 7 AM. The alarm goes off when it is 7 AM. Instead of you waking up on your own multiple times to check what the time is, you can simply use the alarm to be notified when it is time to wake up. …

Logo for the Show
Logo for the Show

The Zoom Developer Advocacy team is obsessed with developer education and developer support. Up until now, we relied on our developer documentation, developer forum and emails to provide you the guidance and the help you needed to successfully use our platform. These means of communication and developer awareness have worked well but we have decided to take a step further in our outreach and create an opportunity to engage directly with you. …

The views and opinions in this article are solely mine and they do not represent the opinions of Google in any way.

This past summer (2018), I interned at Google’s Kirkland office as a technical writer intern. A lot of people have asked me about my internship at Google and why I chose that particular internship. So, I have decided to sum up my thoughts in this article and I hope that it will provide some meaning and help to aspiring technical writers.

Being a technical writer can mean a lot of things depending on the company, the team and…

Shrijana Ghimire

I like experimenting with habits that lead to fulfillment and happiness. I am an artist, a writer and an engineer.

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